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Drone Strikes Continue Killing US Citizens, the Hyperbole

September 28, 2012 Leave a comment

From 2012 to 2016, eight-hundred and eighty-four (884) United States citizens have been killed by Chinese drone strikes aimed at Japanese terrorists.  Over one-hundred (100) of the US citizens killed have been little children.  Many have been “first-responders” with a “double-strike” technique.

While the US admits that some Japanese terrorist have been hiding in the continental territories, the government is stern in saying it is not with permission.  The President of the United States firmly states: “These Japanese terrorists have sneaked into the borders via Mexico and the United States should not be subject to Chinese bombing runs.  The Chinese should work with the United States to apprehend the terrorists instead of bombing with drones”.

While the drone strikes from the Chinese have been effective in killing several known Japanese terrorists, they have also killed innocent US citizens.  The especially disgusting “double-strike” technique is bragged about in China as being extremely effective.  For those whom do not know, a double strike is when a drone drops a bomb then awaits first responders to come to the rescue.  Once the first responders arrive to provide aide to injured or dead citizens, the drone drops another bomb killing those intending to provide aide.  (The police, fireman, and innocent neighbors become victims).

The Chinese government continues to inform its citizens that there strikes are done with precision and no to limited US casualties are suffered.  One Chinese citizen was informed in an interview that the numbers are more often innocent citizens.  The Chinese native then stated: “Well… Then those citizens should not be hanging around areas where known terrorists hide…”  The Chinese native refused to acknowledge an attack decimated a child day care center.

American citizens interviewed recently said they live under constant fear.  “The drones are always up there flying around… You never know when a bomb will fall… you never know if you or your child will be next… I cannot sleep and constantly cry in fear for my family’s safety…”  Said Mrs. Jones on Tuesday.

(End Twisted Satire)

What would we do if the above were true?  I am certain it would be a call to war.  I promise that if my child was part of a drone strike casualty, I would seek vengeance and as cruelly as possible.  None of the United States citizens would accept this type of attack.

However, we seem to accept it when we are the ones performing the attacks.  Political party aside; we should not accept this as human beings.  Either the media or the White House seems to be sugar coating the information provided to the American people.

The above was written with hyperbole and twisted satire.  Yet, the numbers are scary when true.  The United States has killed over 884 Pakistani citizens according to GlobalPost.  Some of the claims upon the web-site estimate a shocking ninety-eight percent (98%) of the bombing victims are not senior terrorist commanders.

There is a commentary from Cenk Uygur concerning these strikes.  Within that commentary, he cites several sources of useful information worth investigating.  Six minutes of time to view his commentary is not too much to ask when it concerns such an important topic.  The topic which accuses the United States of killing 884 Pakistani citizens of which 176 were Pakistani children should be the number one story.

Imagine half of your home disappearing in an explosion of noise.  Within that devastation, lay the mangled corpse of your child.  Imagine that has happened to you, because some terrorist snuck into your country’s borders.  Would you now be the enemy of the country who dropped a bomb on your child?  I would.

I would not blame any Pakistani for hating the US when we continue to drop bombs upon them.  We need to remove the power of assassination from the President to prevent this type of scenario.

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