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Drone Strikes Continue Killing US Citizens, the Hyperbole

September 28, 2012 Leave a comment

From 2012 to 2016, eight-hundred and eighty-four (884) United States citizens have been killed by Chinese drone strikes aimed at Japanese terrorists.  Over one-hundred (100) of the US citizens killed have been little children.  Many have been “first-responders” with a “double-strike” technique.

While the US admits that some Japanese terrorist have been hiding in the continental territories, the government is stern in saying it is not with permission.  The President of the United States firmly states: “These Japanese terrorists have sneaked into the borders via Mexico and the United States should not be subject to Chinese bombing runs.  The Chinese should work with the United States to apprehend the terrorists instead of bombing with drones”.

While the drone strikes from the Chinese have been effective in killing several known Japanese terrorists, they have also killed innocent US citizens.  The especially disgusting “double-strike” technique is bragged about in China as being extremely effective.  For those whom do not know, a double strike is when a drone drops a bomb then awaits first responders to come to the rescue.  Once the first responders arrive to provide aide to injured or dead citizens, the drone drops another bomb killing those intending to provide aide.  (The police, fireman, and innocent neighbors become victims).

The Chinese government continues to inform its citizens that there strikes are done with precision and no to limited US casualties are suffered.  One Chinese citizen was informed in an interview that the numbers are more often innocent citizens.  The Chinese native then stated: “Well… Then those citizens should not be hanging around areas where known terrorists hide…”  The Chinese native refused to acknowledge an attack decimated a child day care center.

American citizens interviewed recently said they live under constant fear.  “The drones are always up there flying around… You never know when a bomb will fall… you never know if you or your child will be next… I cannot sleep and constantly cry in fear for my family’s safety…”  Said Mrs. Jones on Tuesday.

(End Twisted Satire)

What would we do if the above were true?  I am certain it would be a call to war.  I promise that if my child was part of a drone strike casualty, I would seek vengeance and as cruelly as possible.  None of the United States citizens would accept this type of attack.

However, we seem to accept it when we are the ones performing the attacks.  Political party aside; we should not accept this as human beings.  Either the media or the White House seems to be sugar coating the information provided to the American people.

The above was written with hyperbole and twisted satire.  Yet, the numbers are scary when true.  The United States has killed over 884 Pakistani citizens according to GlobalPost.  Some of the claims upon the web-site estimate a shocking ninety-eight percent (98%) of the bombing victims are not senior terrorist commanders.

There is a commentary from Cenk Uygur concerning these strikes.  Within that commentary, he cites several sources of useful information worth investigating.  Six minutes of time to view his commentary is not too much to ask when it concerns such an important topic.  The topic which accuses the United States of killing 884 Pakistani citizens of which 176 were Pakistani children should be the number one story.

Imagine half of your home disappearing in an explosion of noise.  Within that devastation, lay the mangled corpse of your child.  Imagine that has happened to you, because some terrorist snuck into your country’s borders.  Would you now be the enemy of the country who dropped a bomb on your child?  I would.

I would not blame any Pakistani for hating the US when we continue to drop bombs upon them.  We need to remove the power of assassination from the President to prevent this type of scenario.


Politicians, Supporting Class Warfare, Generation Warfare, or just WAR?

September 6, 2012 2 comments

Do you remember the “class warfare” hype or when it began?  Have you been bombarded by that propaganda too much to realize how recent it actually was?  While the argument may have been slightly mentioned in politics in the past, it has grown recently.  Democrats have always tried to portray a class difference of unfairness between the wealthy and poor.  However, it reached new heights in 2011.  Around the middle of August, 2011 Warren Buffett caused an eruption within the FOX pundits (disguised as a news channel).  He had announced to the world that it would be fair for the extremely wealthy to pay more taxes.  The danger of this spreading around the United States and causing any type of unity between Republican and Democratic voters could not be tolerated by FOX.  They immediately began a campaign of slander against Mr. Buffett which including calling him a “socialist”.  Eric Bolling of FOX Business did so on August 15, 2011 (accessed September 04, 2012 at: (

Both sides of the political spectrum began to be aghast by the fact that somebody so wealthy paid a lower effective tax rate than a middle class worker.  It only took several days to retrain the Republican voters to think for FOX and the GOP base, not for themselves.  By forcing propaganda campaigns upon them, the term “class warfare” became a commonly spoken phrase amongst Republican Voters.  The voters even ignored other respected and wealthy individuals such as Alan Greenburg and Bill Gates.  Cenk Uygur, with The Young Turks, did a news piece on this subject on August 16, 2011 (accessed September 04, 2012 at:

The ridiculousness of the events above is only overshadowed by the fact that both democratic sheep and republican lambs played into the fake class war.  Democrats babbled like gobbling turkeys around an automatic livestock feeder about how the rich didn’t deserve all of the breaks and benefits accompanying wealth.  Republicans gathered a line of defense by puffing out their chests and claiming that every worker, who was not them, was intent on stealing from their tax dollars.  Both collections of voters were too blind to realize that they were ALL part of the same system and subject to a hate smearing campaign.  It was class warfare, and the money was teaching (and still is) both sides how to think and how to hate.  While Democrats need to stop scorning people solely on the basis of wealth, Republicans need to admit there is a huge disparaging and unfair difference.  The top 1% of the wealth holders have had income rates rise while the bottom 80% have had income rates fall over the past decade.  The Democrats need to realize that they need wealthy people in a capitalist system in order to invest in business.  The Republicans need to admit that wealthy people NEED the working masses to be prosperous in order to maintain a democracy instead of an oligarchy.  The Republicans also need to admit that it has been money in politics causing most, if not all, of the corruption.

There was a surplus deficit when former President Bush took office for the twenty-first century.  While this did not mean our debt was totally paid, it did mean that it was about to be.  We had a plan and a path to recovery from the previous economic disaster.  (Cold War Spending).  The surplus seemed to be burning the pockets of Republican politicians.  This clearly cannot be blamed on both sides.  The Democrats failed in their fight against Republicans for fiscal responsibility.  Taxes were cut and a War was started.  (Republicans cannot blame terrorism on this war… we attacked Iraq… NOT the terrorists from 9/11).  Democrats cannot be fault free as they may like to claim.  Most of the party permitted 9/11 to cloud their minds from the reality of the War in Iraq and authorized then President Bush to invade.  Additionally, Democratic voters seemed to cower and not back the democratic politicians in their fight against the tax cuts.  Even democratic voters felt they would reap the benefits of a tax cut on the middle class. While the tax cuts on the extremely rich were very rewarding to the upper 1% of the population, the bottom 80% faired some good reductions too.  With information gathered from: ( on September 03, 2012, one can chart the middle class benefit.

Bush Tax Cuts

President Bush definitely lowered the taxes upon the middle class.  However, once you gather more information on the middle class, you begin to see no benefit.  Please go to “Dailykos” accessed on September 02, 2012 at: ( There you would find a wage comparison which discusses income growth during different administrations.

Bush Income Drop

As you can see, the tax cuts are not savings.  In all of the middle income brackets wages fell.  (And Yes – the dollars are adjusted for inflation so don’t try to fake argue).  The amount portrays an actual income loss on the middle class workers in the US.  Sure if you were lucky to be in your job for more than twelve years, you may not have noticed this.  However, the core of the middle class workers has switched employers at least once in that time period.

Deficit spending by our government has caused economic collapse.  Additionally, major tax breaks on the wealthy seem to match (if not cause) lay-offs of American workers, as history through the Regan era to present has proven.  While the evidence to argue that the tax breaks are the cause of lay-offs is slim, the matching trend is apparent.  The superior assumption would be due to lack of investment in the US economic betterment.  Why invest in the US economy when its government is deficit spending?  Why would a bank invest in your hypothetical business if your business plan was to spend more money than you make?

While I definitely do not feel a county’s government should be run like a business, the value compares the same on monetary notes.  To explain the latter we use semantics to call it money.  The value of our US dollar fell nearly 40% during the Bush era economy.  Our value is less because we spend more than we receive.  We spend $Billions more than we tax.  An article written by Kimberly Amadeo, warning of a dollar collapse explains creditor fears.  (Accessed September 02, 2012 at:

Using the inflation calculator from the US Department of Labor ( we discover that the $1.00 in 2002 has the same buying power as $1.25 in 2008.  It continues to worsen to $1.33 in 2012 (as of September 03, 2012 when accessed).  This could mean that a $1.00 can of beans now costs you $1.33 and we, as consumers, know this by shopping.  This type of inflation is based completely upon the consumer price index.  Therefore, the price is based on averaging the cost increase of all goods normally consumed by households.  We do consider that some items may have increased less and some far more.  For instance, we are deficit spending the US treasury resources.  This has caused our dollar value to decrease approximately forty percent (40%) in the world economy as compared to Europe over the same years listed above.  This has caused us to pay more for foreign goods and services.  (In this case “services” is the loans we are getting to cover our national debt).  China and Japan, holding large portions of our debt, are wise to be weary of our falling dollar value and to charge greater interest rates to our debt notes.  If our dollar value remains low they earn less or nothing from our recovery. (If we recover at all). This world value increase against us can be more impactful on low income families.  Those who make almost all of their purchases from chains such as Walmart may have paid a greater effective inflation rate.  That rate would be caused by almost all goods purchased being from another country.  You are using a weaker dollar to purchase imported goods.  This is where the forty percent (40%) weaker dollar really hits the lower middle class consumer.  That imported shirt that was $15.99 in 2002 could now be costing you $22.39 in 2012.  Consumer price Indexing applies less to a consumer purchasing all goods from overseas.  Consumers making such purchases do not get the balance of the index, but rather the brunt of it.

Once you know the facts previously listed herein, you can see the disparaging sufferance of the middle class and poor.  While we pit fault against each other or point to the “other guy” as a source of blame, we lose our unity.  Obviously the wealthy want to keep the current system.  Obviously it does not work for the mass majority of the US populace.  The middle and lower income receivers continue to suffer and our politicians continue to sell our government as a commodity to the wealthy.

If you perpetuated the feigned insults of “class warfare”, you may have ignored a more important war.  You may have even participated in the recently coined “generation warfare”.  I don’t know who to thank for that latter term of hyperbole.  However, there could be no more fitting term to use in describing the actions of the complete populace of the United States today.  Greater than any other American dream, for the majority of people, is the success of our children.  We have failed as parents and citizens of the United States of America.  Democrats have failed our children by worrying equally about the rest of the world as they have their own citizens.  Republicans have failed our children by placing all of our debts upon them and leaving them with a burnt and broken environment.  This is definitely “generation warfare”.  We have done nearly nothing to improve our failing and fading infrastructure.  We have created a massive deficit and refuse to raise our own taxes to pay for it.  (F*** it… When we are dead and gone the next generation can worry about it).  The Democrats want to raise taxes on the wealthy to make them pay their “fair share” of the cost.  The Republicans want to cut spending even more and destroy any progress as a species.  It is as if we believe the next generation having a better life than we did is a bad thing.

Republicans – stop lying so badly about your financial policies.  You are not fooling anybody but you seem to have started to believe that your policies have ever worked.  They don’t.  Get over it.  Spending cuts on the military is necessary.  Spending cuts on other programs is not welcome by the majority of the PEOPLE of the United States.  Tax increases are necessary for our country to prosper and pay the debt which you (Republicans) are solely responsible for.  (Not shared – you did this to the country).

Democrats – stop trying to raise taxes only upon the most wealthy.  You have made your case and you were right.  It currently is unfair.  However, less than two decades ago we all prospered under the tax laws.  The Congressional Budget Office projections show that it will be necessary to return to Clinton Era tax laws and also cut spending.  Admit to the fact that we need to pull out of Afghanistan before 2014 to help our economy.  Admit to the fact that we need to cut our defense budget and increase taxes on everybody, not just the wealthiest.

Both major political parties need to build our country.  We, the majority of the People, want to work on nation building.  We want to leave a better country for the next generation.  Protecting big business is not going to do that.  Do you think rich corporations will leave America if we don’t bow and kiss their feet? Do you believe wealthy people are suddenly going to invest in nation building on their own?  Does anybody really believe that?  If so, then your political ignorance will be passed onto your children in the form of financial servitude.

We may be a great and patriotic country, but we are refusing to advance our culture into the twenty-first century.  Why?  Maybe we are addicted to complacency.  Maybe we are addicted to misery.  Maybe we are addicted to conflict.  Whatever root cause or multiple causes we choose to blame our situation upon; it is the children of our children who will suffer our decisions today.  That is most certainly “generation warfare” as much as it is invective to say so.

Maybe the United States of America cannot survive without war.  It may be bred into us like hip dysplasia in a weak boned bitch.  We fought hard and paid dearly for the right to be a free country.  We occupied an already occupied country leaving a wake of American Indian blood upon the soil.  We decided that fighting others was not enough and decided to lose to ourselves by making Civil War.  It seems we cannot go long periods without deadly war and conflict.  In a country that cannot go more than four decades without spilling our soldiers’ blood, it is no surprise we are full of political hate.  We are all, as citizens, proud to be American.  However, we seem to have a stigma that in order to be patriotic we must support war.  Many Americans can hear a news broadcast about a soldier’s death in the background of their daily routine and be complacent with it.  If you feel that describes “somebody else” and insults you, then say how many soldiers have died in Afghanistan this instant and out-loud without looking the information up on google.  Many Americans have lost the ability to differentiate between supporting troops and supporting war.

That latter problem may augment an abysmal psychological or sociological problem where war is associated with patriotism.  Whereby, peace cannot be patriotic.  Whereby, the side of the conflict one person is on, in their mind, must be the patriotic side.  This, in my opinion, is problematic to solving “class warfare”, “generation warfare”, “the war on religion”, “the war on women”, and the war in Afghanistan.  If we cannot have a conversation where both parties know (and more importantly feel) that the opposing opinion comes from a fellow patriot, then we can solve none of our problems.

We must remove ourselves from war.  We must re-become we.

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